Stories of Hope – Episode I – Part II | Josh Lytle – Breaking Opioid Addiction

Welcome back to Stories of Hope. We’re going continue on with Episode I Part II featuring Josh Lytle. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the first part where he talks about his over 12 year addiction WATCH that first before you check out the second part. So, with Part II he’s going to talk about the true hope that he found to completely break the addiction. Also, if you haven’t had a chance head on over to Amazon Prime and watch “Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin” and that’s the documentary that he’s featured in where you can hear his entire story along with other individuals of how they completely broke the addiction. Also, please subscribe here so you can be notified of the next story whenever it’s posted.

Josh Lytle: “I could have gone away for a very long time, but I got an opportunity I got a second chance at life is really a 9th, 10th chance but then I went down to a facility and they led me to the Lord. They walked me down that road to Calvary and I wept my way to Jesus that that night in a church service.”

“A lot of people say that that doesn’t work or anything like that but that is the only thing in 12 years if there was anything else that would have worked I would have found it because I tried. I did not want to let anybody know they were right and I was wrong but I found something that genuinely gave me peace and joy. It didn’t take away all the consequences but in the midst of those my life began to be transformed. There’s not a drop of alcohol there’s not a drug there’s not anything that I look at from that past that’s more awesome more enticing than just waking up every morning and serving Jesus. It makes you tick it stirs you. It puts a passion in you for things that are good not that are destructive and God blessed me with a family with a wife with two kids.”

“I’m totally different today because of Jesus.”

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