New YouTube Series – Stories of Hope – Breaking Opioid Addiction

We are introducing a new series on YouTube called, Stories of Hope. Now a lot of these stories have been taken from the documentary, “Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin.” Which, if you haven’t checked out yet, you could head on over to Amazon Prime and search for “Gateway to Hope: Overcoming Heroin.” So, Stories of Hope are going to share some of the stories from the documentary and never-before-seen footage from their interviews. Also, interviews of individuals that we haven’t shared on the documentary. So, we’re going to feature different episodes and each episode will be broken into two parts. So, this first episode we’re going to start with Josh Lytle and his story is very inspirational we’re going start with his addiction and the path that that led him down. Then, in Part 2 we’re going to share his story of hope. So, if you haven’t subscribed yet please¬†subscribe here so that you don’t miss the next episode. Thanks!

Josh Lytle: “July 20th 2005 I was a broken miserable man and my peace came from dope my piece came from heroin and I pulled up over the side of the road and filled a syringe up with heroin and shot it into my arm. I was in a severe car wreck I passed out behind the wheel and smashed into another vehicle head-on and when I came to looking at the bottom of my foot and my leg was broken in half my body was battered and they cut my car in half with the jaws of life and laying in a hospital in Pittsburgh with doctors looking at me amazed that I’m alive and got fake parts in my body and I go home with the belief that this is gonna be my life.”

“I remember laying in my mom and dad’s living room looking out the window I couldn’t sit up past 20 degrees and thinking this is gonna be my life how did I get here? I have no clue how this happened I don’t know when it went from being fun to be in bondage and when I was 12 years old I tried smoking weed for the first time I was didn’t want to be different so then they handed it to me I I took it and I smoked it and that led me down a 12-year road of addiction. Led me down trying pills and acid in ecstasy pills and living this hidden lifestyle from everybody except the ones that I was with and ended up after incarceration after incarceration in different states.”

“After these car wrecks you know was it a place where I was just broken and my family believes in the power of prayer and a man that wasn’t really supposed to ever walk normal again they prayed for me and they believed that my life could be different and be changed and never went to physical therapy or anything I was able to get up out of that hospital bed and and God gave me the strength to make fake parts that weren’t supposed to work work again and so I took it for granted though and I got what I wanted and so now I got prescribed pain pills and all these different things. I had a legal way to do what I wanted to do and get high and it didn’t work you know it went right back down to a miserable life and and looking at going to prison I could up to I was an old man. I would have pled down but I could have if they would have hit me with the maximum could’ve been gone for a very long time.”

“Just got to a point while I was broken and I looked around I thought what in the world am i doing?”

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